Micoud Secondary School – Spanish Students Visit to the Ministry of External Affairs

The Micoud Secondary School organized a visit for their Spanish class to The Ministry of External Affairs, International Trade, Civil Aviation, and Diaspora Affairs on March 24th 2023. The students had the privilege of interacting with officials from the ministry and learning about the importance of studying Spanish and pursuing international opportunities.

The visit began with a warm welcome from The Permanent Secretary Augustus Cadette, who provided the students with an overview of the ministry’s role in promoting international relations, trade, and civil aviation. He emphasized the importance of foreign languages in building relationships with people from different cultures and backgrounds.

The students were then addressed by the ambassador for Cuba to Saint Lucia, Bernardo Toscano Sardiñas, who encouraged them to consider studying in Cuba if they were awarded scholarships. He spoke about the benefits of studying in Cuba, including the quality of education and the rich cultural experience that students can gain from living and studying in a Spanish-speaking country.

Next, Kin-Z Francis, a Foreign Service Officer, presented a PowerPoint on how the ministry conducts international relations. The presentation covered a diverse range of topics, including trade agreements, security, and cultural exchanges. The students were impressed by the depth and breadth of the work carried out by the ministry.

Following Kin-Z Francis, the Ambassador of Saint Lucia to Venezuela, Mexico, ALBA, and CELAC, Peter Lansiquot, spoke to the students about the benefits of studying in Spanish-speaking countries and the importance of being bilingual. He encouraged the students to consider pursuing language studies and exploring international opportunities, emphasizing how it could provide them with a competitive edge in the global market.

Finally, Sheldon Mitchell, a Foreign Service Officer, shared his experiences of working in Spanish-speaking countries and how his job allowed him to travel the world. He spoke about the challenges and rewards of working in international relations and encouraged the students to consider a career in this field.

In conclusion, the visit was a fantastic learning opportunity for the students, who gained valuable insights into the importance of studying Spanish and pursuing international opportunities. It was an excellent opportunity for the students to see how their language skills could be applied in real-life situations and to learn about the benefits of international relations. The school hopes to organize more visits like this in the future to help students broaden their horizons and explore different career paths.