National Coordinating Committee for Human Rights

Saint Lucia has a number of human rights and human rights-related obligations stemming from its membership in the United Nations, Organisation of American States, World Intellectual Property Organisation, International Federation of Red Cross and Red Cresent Societies.  As a result, Saint Lucia has over 40 human rights or human rights-related treaties which it has ratified, making the need for national coordination essential. 

The National Coordinating Committee for Human Rights was established via Cabinet Conclusion No. 120 of 4th February 2019 to monitor and report on Saint Lucia’s national human rights situation. The membership of the Committee includes both public sector and non-governmental organisation entities such as: 

  1. Permanent Secretary, Department of External Affairs (Focal point for human Rights);

  2. Permanent Secretary, Department of Justice;

  3. Solicitor General, Attorney General’s Chambers;

  4. Director of Gender Relations, Division of Gender Relations;

  5. Director of Human Services, Division of Human Services;

  6. Deputy Director of Research and Policy, Ministry of Equity;

  7. Chief Immigration Officer, Immigration Department;

  8. Commissioner of Police, Department of Home Affairs and National  Security;

  9. Chief Education Officer, Department of Education;

  10. Chief Medical Officer, Ministry of Health;

  11. Labour Commissioner, Department of Labour;

  12. Chair of the National SDGs Coordinating Committee, Department of  Sustainable Development;

  13. Co-Chair of the National SDGs Coordinating Committee Department  of Economic Development;

  14. Director of Statistics, Statistics Department;

  15. Parliamentary Commissioner;

  16. Representative, Coalition of Civil Society Organisations;

  17. 1st VP for International Relations, National Youth Council; and

  18. President, National Council of and for Persons with Disabilities.

The Department of External Affairs and the Office of the Attorney General serve as Chair and Co-Chair respectively. The Department of External Affairs also serves as the Secretariat of the Committee. 


  1. Saint Lucia UPR report 2020
  2. Annual Report of the NCCHR 2019 – 2020