Travelling to Saint Lucia


Upon entering Saint Lucia, a visitor is given a maximum of 6 weeks to remain on the island. All visitors are required to have a return ticket. Visitors who require non immigrant visas to visit to Saint Lucia but are visiting Saint Lucia via cruises that will be docking in Saint Lucia for less than 24 hours will be exempt from visa requirements normally in effect for longer stays.

Non-Immigrant Visa

Foreign nationals from some countries intending to visit Saint Lucia for business, pleasure or study are required to have a valid passport from their country and to obtain a valid Saint Lucian visa.  Non-immigrant visas are processed by the Immigration Department of the Royal Saint Lucia Police Force.  The department can be contacted via email @ or telephoned at 1 (758) 456-4055.  

Non-Immigration Visa Application Process

Complete the application form and submit to the Immigration Department at least two (2) weeks prior to travel date.  In some circumstances, application for a visa can be made at the airport on entry to Saint Lucia (please note the possibility that the application for visa may be refused).   The applicant will require the following:

  • 2 certified passport size photographs

  • A valid passport for up to six months

  • A return ticket to port of origin

  • Copy of travel itinerary

  • Proof of hotel/private accommodation

  • Letter of invitation (if invited by friend or relative)

  • EC$125.00 for single entry (within a 3-month period); EC$190.00 for multiple entry (multiple entries over one-year period).

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