Government of Mongolia Launches Electronic Visa Application System

The Government of Mongolia has recently launched its Electronic Visa Application System, allowing citizens of select countries to apply for visas online through

 The system is available to citizens of member states listed on the website and offers three categories of visas, including K2 visas for tourists, K4 visas for participants in cultural and sports events, as well as for content creators and filmmakers, and K6 visas for transit, which allows for stays of up to 10 days.

One of the most significant features of the new system is that e-visa applicants no longer need to visit the nearest diplomatic missions of Mongolia or submit their passports and original supporting documents in person. Instead, applicants can receive their e-visa via email within 48 hours of application. It is advised that travelers hold a digital or printed version of their e-visa to present to airlines and Mongolian border officials when traveling to Mongolia.

The implementation of this new system is a significant milestone for the country, as it simplifies and streamlines the visa application process, making it more accessible and convenient for visitors. Additionally, it is expected to help boost tourism and promote cultural exchanges.

The Government of Mongolia encourages citizens of eligible countries to take advantage of this new electronic visa application system and experience the unique culture and natural beauty that Mongolia has to offer.

A sample of the e-visa, and the list of the Member States eligible for electronic visa application is shown in the document below.